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My name is Eugene Mokeiev, I am an iOS developer by trade, and a Game Master in my spare time. In addition, I manage INRIUM (Initiative of Role-playing Games in the Ukrainian language) and the Ukrainian Vaesen communities, publish adventures, and help other GMS to do it.


I've been publishing adventures for three years now and have achieved some success, with four of my adventures reaching Electrum bestseller status on DMsGuild (over 250 copies sold). I am also one of the founders of CURA (Collection of Ukrainian Role-playing Adventures) – the first anthology of RPG adventures in the Ukrainian language.

Why did I create this blog? I want to share my experience with other GMs so that our Ukrainian TTRPG community continues to grow and blossom :)

My favorite TTRPGS are Symbaroum, Vaesen, Star Wars: Force and Destiny, Blades in the Dark, Ten Candles and Dungeons & Dragons.

Join our INRIUM community in Discord (link in the site menu)!


If you wish to publish your article here, contact me on Facebook (link in the site menu).

If you wish to support my endeavor, the best way to do so is to buy and rate one of my adventures.

My publications

Waterdeep adventures

  • Sins of the Past – an urban horror adventure with detective elements. Explores the dark secrets of the noble family of Waterdeep. Can be played as a standalone one-shot or as a faction mission for the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign.​

  • A Chase Through The Planes – a planar chase. A mysterious thief has stolen a rare tome from the library of the Blackstaff, and the task of the heroes is to return the tome and find out who is the mastermind behind this theft. It can be played as a one-shot or the start of a planar campaign.

Ravenloft: Carnival of Lost Souls
A mini-campaign that explores four Domains of Dread that the characters travel through with the mysterious Carnival. Their task is to save four people, whose destinies were broken by the demon Caller, an unsurpassed imitator and the legend of the Mists. And who knows, maybe in the end they will be able to challenge the demon personally?

Collaboration with Sviatoslav Demchenko and Maxim Riznyk.

  • Lamordia: The Hardest of Hearts

  • Dementlieu: Dance with the Devil

  • Kalakeri: The Forbidden Temple

  • Valachan: Hunter's Moon

  • Ravenloft: Carnival of Lost Souls Campaign Guide

Random Plane of Existence
Although infrequent, situations arise in the game when heroes can find themselves on a random plane of existence. Since there is no table for this in the official D&D materials, I decided to create it myself.

  • English version

  • Ukrainian version

Collection of Ukrainian Role-playing Adventures

An anthology of adventures of seven Ukrainian authors, including myself :) I am also one of the founders of this initiative.

Vaesen: Spirits and Monsters of Mythic Ukraine
Collection of 27 creatures from the Ukrainian mythology for the role-playing game Vaesen


  • Ukrainian version

  • English version

The Price of Power – A Vaesen Mystery

From the town of Kramfors in central Sweden comes a disturbing letter from the priest's apprentice. The Orre sisters had healed a mortally wounded sawmill worker. But the locals did not believe in the Lord's miracle, and now the sisters are facing execution for witchcraft. However, the priest who declared them guilty has disappeared, and a pool of blood was found near the pulpit… It appears that this investigation will not be easy.

In the Shadow of the Forest – A Vaesen Mystery

Your Society in Lviv receives a letter from Manevychi, a small village in Volyn, Ukraine. Yaroslava Demchuk describes a strange case: her young son Lukash has aged dramatically in just a few days. Neither the local priest nor the witch doctor can solve the strange misfortune, and so Yaroslava turns to you, suspecting that evil spirits are at work here.


Collaboration with Mykhailo Chepel.

INRIUM talks

A series of videos where we discuss various nuances of GMing with the Game Masters Paradox and Sovolya


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